AO Smith Water Heaters

AO Smith Water Heaters: The Best Water Heating Solution in the Market

There is now wonder why the new AO Smith Water Heaters immediately built a global reputation when it comes to efficient and innovative water heating. Through the combination of their unfailing teamwork and expertise in technology, AO Smith released the finest range of AO Smith Water Heaters for the International market. Millions of business owners, consumers, and property managers commend this company for delivering innovative heating solutions within their seventy years of service. Exclusively sold by plumbing contractors and wholesalers, their selection of commercial and residential water heaters is unmatched for diversity and quality.

AO Smith Water Heaters: STankless

Tankless AO Smith Water Heaters that belong to the range of AO Smith products can provide you an endless supply of hot water for a wide variety of applications. All of their residential models also passed the requirements of ENERGY STAR, which proves their efficiency when it comes to conserving energy. This AO Smith Water Heaters also features improved flow rates so you can enjoy up to 14.5 GPM of continuous hot water. AO Smith Water Heaters come with a 316L stainless steel heat exchanger, which provides protection against lime build-up and corrosion. It even comes with improved software for scale reduction, features for internal freeze protection, and conversion kits for indoor installation.

The best part about a tankless AO Smith Water Heaters is that it does not lead to standby energy losses. Unlike traditional tank-type water heaters, it provides you with hot water only when you need it so you can stop worrying about using too much energy. Once you have decided to install tankless water heaters to your home, you can also be sure that you are using an energy-efficient and high-quality heating system that can withstand the test of time. This AO Smith Water Heaters also remains superior to other water heaters because of its 140,000 to 380,000 BTU heating capacity as well as its 5-year warranty on all parts.

AO Smith Water Heaters : S-Type-tank

AO Smith Water Heaters Promax water heaters are also available in different models that range from electric to gas. They are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters, which makes them perfect for those who are looking for a way to cut down their energy costs. AO Smith Water Heaters also offer plenty of options for installation so you can easily find the best AO Smith Water Heaters that suits your needs. You can install AO Smith Water Heaters anywhere in your home because they have direct vent heaters so you need not worry about ventilation. Every AO Smith Water Heaters that belongs to the Promax range was also engineered to prevent excessive energy usage and accidental ignition of flammable vapors.
The 50-gallon Promax high-recovery heater is probably the best tank-type water heater in this range. Its high recovery rate makes it perfect for large families and commercial facilities with high demands for hot water. Made from a cross-linked polymer material, it is also expected to last longer than any other material used for manufacturing water heaters. This tank-type AO Smith Water Heaters is also eco-friendly because it can decrease oxygen and nitrogen emissions by up to 30%. It also comes with a Permaglas coating that prevents the tank from rusting and developing leaks.

This heater is only 63 7/8-inch tall so it will easily fit in most areas of your home. If you are looking for something smaller, you can also invest in a 48-gallon Promax heater. This 50,000 BTU heater is only 60 7/8-inch tall so you can easily install it on your own. Both of these models come with a Dynaclean diffuser, which greatly reduces the amount of sediment build-up. This allows them to produce the maximum amount of hot water every single time. Their tanks are also made from stainless steel so they can last longer than any other tank-type heater made of regular steel.

AO Smith hybrid water heaters

Tankless and tank-type water heaters have their own pros and cons so AO Smith came up with another innovative product that offers a compromise between these two types of water heaters. You can now buy the NEXT hybrid AO Smith Water Heaters, which comes with a small buffer tank that can deliver hot water right away. It also comes with advanced features that will prevent the burner from firing up whenever only small amounts of hot water are needed. Its condensing technology also allows it to receive a very high efficiency rate of 90% thermal efficiency. It uses a secondary heat exchanger to capture the heated gas from its tankless unit before routing it back to the buffer tank for additional heat.

Smith also considers NEXT hybrid as the new milestone in the industry of heating water for residential and commercial settings. This AO Smith Water Heaters was designed according to how people actually use water. It also offers a unique combination of the best features of traditional heating technologies and tankless water heaters by decreasing standby losses caused by tank-type heaters while eliminating sudden interruptions in the stream of hot water. If you want to buy an energy-efficient water heater that does not cause the usual bursts of cold water associated with tankless heaters, NEXT hybrid is certainly your best choice.

Just like other ENERGY STAR products, this AO Smith Water Heaters will also qualify you for a $1,500 federal tax credit. Its 90% thermal efficiency makes it superior to conventional water heaters that can only perform at a 78% efficiency rate. It makes use of a unique heat transfer process that combines the technology of both tankless and tank-type water heaters, which of course makes it more energy-efficient than any other heater in the market. Although it has a smaller footprint of 50 gallons, its internal storage allows it to satisfy the demand for hot water and double the performance of traditional heating solutions.

Decreased cost of installation, larger energy savings, and unbeatable performance are only some of the things that an AO Smith Water Heaters can guarantee you. Whether you want to buy a tank-type, tankless, or hybrid water heater, the growing line of AO Smith products will always have something in store for you. AO Smith Water Heaters is, without a doubt, perfect for households and commercial facilities that are in need of a cost-efficient yet high output water heating solution.

It is worth paying for AO Smith Water Heaters

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