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Penny stocks are one of the most lucrative investment besides options and futures. Penny stocks have made millions of dollars for tons of investors and employees with company stock. It was said that over 60% of the employees that worked at google become millionaires over night. This is true for Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo and many others. Yet the answers are really what are the secrets? What are the reasons why I don’t know about investments like these. I’m talking about the investment where a stock is trading to a 10th of a penny and suddenly shoots up to $5.00 making someone with $5,000 of stock in the company over $30 million dollars.

These are by far one of the trickiest and most difficult investments to measure and find. Many people thing it would be insider information to know about a stock like this but it really isn’t. Anyone can learn how to find a penny stock with the penny stock tips I give you guys.

In this post you will have a better understanding of finding a good investment for penny stocks. We provide investors with all the free penny stock tips on the net.

Many people make money with the rolling penny stocks. These are stocks that move up and down a penny or two every hour or day. One of my friends does this and makes around $500 a day. This is based on the technical analysis with charts and numbers, all historic physical data. This can be a good strategy and method, I will write a blog post about rolling penny stocks.

Potential growth development – Measure a good penny stock by the growth and future of its developments. Find out if it is a company that is expanding, using it’s bad debt turning it into good debt with research, expansion and job opportunities for employees. If you know how to measure the fundamentals of a company than you can easily find this information on the site. Usually the 10k or Q or 8k or Q files will have all of the strategies of the companies and information.

Technically using the stock charts to measure volume you should also consider measuring the volatility rate of the companies volume. Unusual movements in the volume patterns tells you something is happening, this is a red flag for market direction. Depending on how good of an investor you are and how diligent you take your investments you can figure out the market direction. Federal Reserve, Economy, Lawsuit or something is going on. This is usually from the employees or smaller investment firms.

Depending on what the annual and quarterly reports say you should know what will happen next. Always look at the volume, EPS, ROE, and Cashflow, expenses, debt, where the debt is going. Knowing all this gives you the advantage on what to know of next.

Research And Growth – What kind of company have you invested in? Penny stocks usually won’t shoot up all the time like you see but when this happens and your in it you are going to make money if you know when to get out. Typically you should get out of a penny stock if it has made over 50-100% returns in one trading day. A lot of elephants in the stock you are in can cause these prices to fluctuate dramatically everyday.

If an elephant pulls out after he has made all he wants will cause the stock to slam but the reason of speaking with measuring volume is you will detect the unusual volume movement. It will be like a ripple effect. Not exactly will just the elephants shares will make it slam but he has just an amount of shares to make other investors or institutions panic buttons to fire off. So from these penny stocks you should measure volume.

Is my penny stock a short term investment or a long term?

You should know what kind of investment are you in this for a short or long term. Are you looking at a pharmaceutical company and waiting for the company to get the new FDA approval on how to zap cancer cells with hyper-energy. Your in stocks like this only until you make the profits when the approval happens. Once it’s over, more than likely the company will spike back down and the wave will slam. Or are in it for the long term? Are you looking for a software and program development company that keeps developing the hottest programs and software technologies. Companies like Apple, Systematic, Adobe, Microsoft. These companies solely started in software and look at where they’re at now.

When you learn all the penny stock tips to pick the right stock you can minimize the penny stock risk and make tons of cash in the penny stock market.

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